Edelrid Fat Rock Slim 60m climbing rope 10mm


                     Price: £97.99

This exclusive Edelrid Rope from the factory!

We are very very excited our new FATROCK SLIM Climbing Rope has arrived!! Looks amazing we have 90 of these boys to sell! They are the perfect all round rope. It’s a joy to handle and at 60m in length is a great sport rope or main lead climbing wall rope. It’s like the Cobra but lighter!

Edelrid Fat Rock Slim Climbing Rope Specification

* Diameter: 10mm
* Rope Type: 1
* Weight: 63g/m
* Sheath Proportion: 34%
* Number of Falls: 7
* Impact Force: 8,8kN
* Dynamic Elongation: 33%
* Static Elongation: 8.0%
* Sheath Slippage: 0mm

This Climbing Rope is not dry treated it is not suitable for ice or alpine climbing. Just having fun in the sun or on a wall.

Sports Braid: EDELRID’s specially developed sheath construction whereby one yarn is crossed by two. The result is a very tight, smooth and flexible sheath structure. This construction method has become synonymous with a particularly high abrasion resistance typical of ropes with this sheath.

TS – Thermo Shield: The Thermo Shield treatment has been in use at EDELRID for more than 20 years. Thermo Shield is a thermal stabilizing process for the rope that gives it the famous EDELRID handling characteristics and feel.  The rope undergoes a heat treatment cure to stabilize and harmonize the individual yarns. This treatment cannot be washed out and ensures a supple rope throughout its working life.