A ladle made from heat resistant and dishwasher safe polycarbonate, designed for clipping to the EDELRID Spof. For gram counters, this ladle can also be used as an espresso cup.


Price: £5.00

Edelrid Raven Climbing Shoe

The Raven is a top top class rock shoe for all those who expect the maximum performance from their climbing shoes brilliant bouldering or climbing.

The combination of an asymmetric, extreme cambered last with a specially developed heel strap allows a progressive weight transmission from the heel into the big toe area. This gives the Raven unparalleled precision when standing on the smallest of edges or when pulling and hooking on steep routes.

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Edelrid Fat Rock Slim 60m climbing rope 10mm


                     Price: £97.99

This exclusive Edelrid Rope from the factory!

We are very very excited our new FATROCK SLIM Climbing Rope has arrived!! Looks amazing we have 90 of these boys to sell! They are the perfect all round rope. It’s a joy to handle and at 60m in length is a great sport rope or main lead climbing wall rope. It’s like the Cobra but lighter!

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KITE 50m Climbing Rope


Price: £139.00

The Kite is the ultimate rope for climbing at the upper limits of today‘s climbing grades. Minimal weight, small diameter, and optimum handling describe this specialist rope. The Pro Shield finish on the Kite repels moisture, dust and dirt, while the Thermo Shield treatment gives the rope the unique EDELRID handling properties of durability and suppleness. Not suitable for working routes or top rope climbing.

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Fingerboards for indoor climbing

Entreprises Genesis fingerboard                                                                               £70.00

A new concept, Genesis is the first fingerboard to change the position of the hands and arms when in use. It measures 26cm high by 60cm wide.

Entreprises Hangtime Fingerboard                                                                             £40.00
This fingerboard is a compact design and has a wide range of holds. It measures 15cm high by 56cm wide
Entreprises Training Board                                                                                            £40.00
This is a highly versatile board with a wide range of holds. It measures 30cm x 65cm

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